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At Spa 728, we know that health is a journey, and we are here to walk it with you.

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About Us

Finding Healing from Within

Health is the way that we experience the world around us. Proper health allows us to invest in our loved ones, our communities, and in making the most out of our lives. Thus, when our bodies are not functioning properly, we are impacted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For this reason, our functional health center focuses on getting to the root cause of one’s health issues so that your own body can find balance. At Spa 728, we know that health is a journey, and we are here to walk it with you. 

Our Services

Services with You in Mind

Naturopathic Consultation & Health Planning

Our comprehensive consultation utilizes a biogenesis scan that helps you gain control of your health journey.

Cellular Health Technology

This combination session includes Vibration to elicit cardiovascular and lymphatic movement, improved balance, coordination, tightening and toning, followed by a dynamic energy sauna session.

Wellness Products

We have an arsenal of holistic wellness products in our spa, as well as affiliate links online.

Integrative Health Center

Spa 728 is home to a wide array of other health services. Read below to discover the full list of offerings that you can find at our location. 


Dr. Karin Nielsen, ND, CCT

Lymphatic Therapy

Stacie Betzer, Certified Lymphatic Technician

Massage Therapy

Amanda Miranda, Licensed Massage Therapist: 985-285-9843

What is Holistic Health?

Your body was made to heal itself

The western model of medicine that is found in traditional medical facilities functions primarily to treat the symptoms that a patient presents. While symptoms can be useful in identifying the underlying cause of an issue, the methods we use get to the root of the problem a client is experiencing. For our clients, this model presents two primary benefits. Firstly, our goal is to provide lasting health solutions rather than prescribing a medication that treats only surface issues. Secondly, because we identify the root cause of health problems, there is an end to our process. 

What People Say

I don't feel super tired throughout my day anymore... My speech has improved, I used to stutter my words. I breathe easier also!
Melanie P.
My energy, anxiety, and depression have all improved, especially after the detox!

Allen C.
I've had normal bowel movements for the first time since my diagnosis at age 18. I don't respond to much but these products have been very effective.
Jennifer M.

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