About Us

About Us

Walking Your Health Journey With You

Spa 728 is owned and operated by Tasha Hines, ND, and Paulette Nitschke, OT/TN. The functional health center offers integrative, holistic treatment options that identify the root cause of health problems. Spa 728 was born out of Tasha and Paulette’s deep love for helping others. They find joy in the ability to provide hope and education to people who want to create the healthiest version of themselves. 

Tasha Hines


After 13 years working in rehabilitative healthcare and management, Tasha emarked on a personal journey in natural health for herself and her family. Motivated to unravel a list of family health issues, she diligently worked to discover alternate means of maintaining health and wellness.

She quickly realized that approaching health in a more holistic manner, allowed her improved energy, less discomfort, and general well-being.

With a background in Occupational Therapy, she decided to further her education and received her Doctor of Naturopathy. She is a loving wife and homeschooling mom of 2 of her 4 adorable girls. Along with her deep faith and her passion to help others on their health journeys. She recently completed her certification and is now a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner. (CAHP)

Paulette Nitschke


Paulette has worked as an Occupational Therapist in the healthcare industry for 20+ years in rehabilitation. After noticing patterns of illness and decline, it became apparent to her that lifestyle choices, spiritual health, and mental health play a vital role in longevity and vitality.

Taking her experience and education as an OT, she furthered her skills by graduating as a CAHP certified Traditional Naturopath (2022) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (2015). She is a Gold leader in Young Living and certified in several techniques of essential oil use and applications. Paulette has a passion for teaching the innate amazing capabilities of the human body, how it works, and offers HOPE to so many struggling with chronic illness. Ideally, she will meet people earlier in life to help them avoid many of the common ailments of aging.

Paulette is a devoted wife who homeschooled all 4 of her beautiful children. Her faith in Christ and experience motivates her to continue exploring new endeavors, educational opportunities, and modalities. She is dedicated to using her gifts to walk with others as they make positive lifestyle changes and improve their quality of life.