A Toxin Free Lifestyle with Young Living

Our journey to a healthier lifestyle began with Young Living. We are the ONLY Young Living storefront on the Northshore. We have the most commonly used YL oils and home care products on hand for last minute retail needs.

Shopping online from Young Living as a member allows you to take advantage of wholesale pricing. If you are not currently a part of another support team, allow us to assist you!  We offer in person and virtual education to our team members.

Below are our two favorite ways to get started with Young Living. Enter discount code SHAREYL at checkout for 10% off. If you have any other questions before ordering, feel free to contact us at

Treating Pets & Their Parents Better

Pet Club 247 provides affordable products designed to promote health, longevity, and happiness for pets and their owners. They offer Daily Supplements for both humans and pets that contain the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom to help maintain, boost, and modulate the body’s immune system. Over 400 published animal and human clinical trials and studies worldwide from the top institutes have shown its effectiveness.

Visit the website below to shop and learn more. 

Educate Your Immune System with 4Life

Spa 728 is proud to partner with 4Life and incorporate their innovative products that don’t simply balance your immune system, but EDUCATE it, increasing your immune IQ! Transfer Factors help the immune system quickly recognize potential health threats, speed up the immune system’s response, and help the immune system remember specific threats in order to handle them more quickly in the future. When you take a 4Life Transfer Factor product, you actually acquire clinical, passive immunity!

We love to help our clients get the best value by shopping as a wholesale Preferred Customer and taking advantage of all the savings & potential for earning free products, so contact us for more info and we’ll show you how to earn a FREE photon session as well! Click on the links below to visit our 4Life website and learn more!

Vitamins & Supplements

Spa 728 unilizes a variety of homeopathics and nutraceuticals as we work with our clients including CellCore, DesBio, Systemic Formulas, Microbiome, Daily Nutritional, Designs for Health, and more. 

For anyone interested in shopping a wide variety of quality vitamins and supplements at home, we are excited to partner with Fullscripts. Shop Spa 728’s online store to gain access to practitioner grade supplements (all the brands you will recognize) at the BEST prices, delivered directly to your doorstep. Click below to create a FREE account and gain access to shopping. You will find several of our favorite protocols for adult and children’s health and immunity. Orders over $50 access FREE shipping.

Why You Should Drink Pure (Distilled) Water

Water should be chemical-free, made of pure H20. But just filtering or “purifying” your water (such as through reverse osmosis) does not mean it’s pure. The Environmental Protection Agency says that 86,607 chemicals are found in drinking water across the U.S., and most filters only remove a small fraction of those chemicals. Plus, many water tests do not test for all of these contaminants. The only pure form of water free of contaminants is distilled. Distilled water can help prevent an increase in toxicity, heavily associated with chronic illness and other health challenges. 

If you are looking to improve your health, especially if you feel stuck in your wellness journey, we recommend drinking distilled water. With this approach, you are literally removing the water from the contaminants and preventing those same contaminants from harming you.

All-In Nutritionals

Masterfully formulated health products and supplements must be blended, formulated and mixed in perfect, calculated quantities with exact ingredients, exact ratios and exact proportions. This is required to have a direct, correlating and harmonizing effect in our body as well as in the formula. Depending on the specific organ, system or health issue that is being addressed, one must take into consideration each ingredient’s effect on the body. One must also take into consideration the effect that every single ingredient has in correlation with all other ingredients being used (how they all act and react to each other). This is critical to a product and formula that can and will work, both short-term and long-term.

All-In Nutritionals creates products that contain the purest ingredients and are of the highest quality and potency available. We carry many of the products in our office, or you can visit the website below to learn more and shop online.

Cardio Miracle

Cardio Miracle is a cutting-edge blend of over 50 ingredients, including organic beets, carrots, coconut water, pineapple, and raspberries, combined with amino acids, such as arginine and citrulline and other herbs and natural ingredients. These ingredients work together synergistically to promote and sustain the body’s natural production of nitric oxide, which is known as the “miracle molecule” in leading medical and scientific periodicals. Cardio Miracle has been scientifically shown to stimulate nitric oxide expression for over twenty-four hours a day. Contains essential nutritional support for increased vitamin D3, increased blood flow and oxygen, lymphatic performance, insulin reception, cellular health and reproduction, cardiovascular health, energy and clarity, and more. Just one simple product that fulfills almost every nutritional need.

Visit our office to purchase or click the link below to learn more and shop.